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Elisabeth Christine Ulrike - Scandal and exile

I first heard about Elisabeth Christine Ulrike in a talk given at the Braunschweig Institute of Regional History, back in the phase when I was a regular attendee of the lectures there. At these events I was generally the youngest person by a couple of decades. I used to feel slightly puzzled by this;I realise historical lectures aren’t everyone’s idea of a good night out, but was I really the only Braunschweig resident under the age of 50 who had an interest in local history? Apparently so. Not for the first time in my life, I felt like a bit of a freak. I haven’t been in a long time – I suppose I just got out of the habit, but perhaps feeling out of place had something to do with it.
At any rate, the lecture on Elisabeth Christine Ulrike was one of the most memorable ones I went to, quite simply because it is a rollicking good tale: a story of sex and scandal, revenge, harsh punishment, and later, remarkable longevity, eccentricity, and a sort of ultimate triumph against the odds. And…

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